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Summer Session

Summer Session 2012

SUMMER SESSION 2012 REGISTRATION INFORMATION Summer Session 2012 will take place at the Strong’s National Museum of Play┬« located in [...]

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Summer Session 2011

SUMMER SESSION 2011 REGISTRATION INFORMATION Summer Session 2011 will take place at the Strong’s National Museum of Play┬« located in [...]

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Summer Session 2010

Summer Session 2010 took place at the beautiful Del Monte Hotel and Spa in Pittsford, NY. We had teachers from [...]

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Summer Session 2009

For a variety of personal and professional reasons we opted to NOT have a Summer Session in 2009 but we [...]

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Summer Session 2008

Summer Session 2008 took place at the Playschool in Rochester, NY and found us under a big top canvas tent [...]

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Summer Session 2007

Summer Session 2007 took place at the Playschool in Rochester, NY. And what can I say? It was another successful [...]

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Summer Session 2006

We did it again! Two sessions, on two coasts! Inko-dye shirts drying in on the bushes outside of the Embassy [...]

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Summer Session 2005

Look at us getting fancy! Two sessions this year and on two coasts!! July found us in Ontario, California and [...]

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Summer Session 2004

Our biggest attendance ever! We had over 150 folks in attendance and what a weekend we had! Aside from grown [...]

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Summer Session 2003

Our first event in a hotel! We were small but we were mighty! We made paper bag hats, painted with [...]

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Summer Sessions (there were 3!) 2002

We did so much in those weekends! I can still see a picture in my mind of all those tye [...]

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Summer Session 2001

Thank you all so much for making this weekend so amazing and powerful. We all had such a good time [...]

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