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F.U.N. Times Mothers’ Club Newsletter (April 2001)

F.U.N. MOTHERS’ CLUB Serving Fremont, Union City, Newark, and the surrounding area. For primary caregivers of pre-kindergarten children and expectant mothers. Information/message center: (510) 475-6864.

July 2000
March Speaker Review
Ooey, Gooey Fun!

At our March general meeting, the FUN MC was pleased to host Lisa Murphy and an evening of Ooey, Gooey fun. Lisa Murphy is truly a dynamic speaker. After the meeting, I was so inspired to do more things with my child and be more child-centered. I’m totally new at being a parent. I am still deciding what I’m going to be when I grow up but I left the meeting believing I really could be Supermom. Lisa had a fantastic presentation and was truly motivational.

Lisa told us her story- from beginning at age 4 to present. She mentioned how things were after she obtained her teaching credential, before she knew better. Teaching was so frustrating with the time-regimented days she was asked to plan. Asking children to put toys and activities away 20 minutes after getting started was simply unfair. Lisa asked, “Is 20 minutes enough time for you to get your work area ready, gather you ingredients, tools, materials, get set and get into you favorite project?” No. Therefore, it is easy to understand the frustration felt by children. Lisa shared her experiences and gave us permission to move on from feeling guilty before we knew better. She reminded us that change only comes when we are ready, not usually immediately life-altering but slowly. I know that is a lesson about life – it was a good reminder. Lisa got started with Ooey Gooey® by attending a teacher’s conference. She was really looking forward to an ‘Ooey-Gooey-Squishy-Plop’ Seminar only to find no one there to give it. So, Lisa decided to get up in front of the group and talk about her experiences and help others share their ideas.

Of course, the really fun part of Lisa’s visit at the March General Meeting was the Ooey Gooey® stuff. Yes, Lisa brought lots of samples and ideas! She had four tables of stuff for FUN Mothers to look at, play in, try, experiment with and anything else that popped into our heads. Lisa showed us what she did with the different activities and told us a little about her school. She has created a learning environment that she feels is best for children. She believes there are four essential rules in creating the perfect environment. First, children need long periods of un-interrupted free time to discover. Second, there should be few restrictions. Create a ‘yes-yes’ environment; removing items that cause negative restrictions or anyone to have to say ‘no-no.’ Third, adults are the facilitators of a child’s learning and environment, not controllers. Fourth, children must have lots of outdoor time. Lisa explained why these are important in her presentation and book. She had some great stories of what didn’t work and why she believes the four rules are necessary in her book. I thought how wonderful her school must be and how willing I’d be to attend it!

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