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Hose Phone

You Need:

  • 3 pieces of garden hose cut to 3-ft lengths
  • 1 PVC-tee connector (1/2″)
  • Duct Tape
  • 3 water bottles

You Do:

  1. Cut the water bottle in half so you have a top and bottom. Discard the bottom. Trim up the rim of the top so that it does not have any sharp edges.
  2. Apply a piece of masking tape around the rim of the top of the water bottle to smooth out the edges.
  3. Insert one piece of hose into each hole of the PVC-tee.
  4. Duct tape it to hold it together.
  5. Now attach one water bottle “top” to each end of the hose.
  6. Duct tape it to hold it together.
  7. Viola! Three way calling!

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