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LARGE MOTOR GAMES! New and Classic Large Motor Games for Indoor and Outdoor Play

The mind can only absorb what the butt can endure! Lisa will lead participants in large motor games that can be played both indoors and out. Come ready to move!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In its basic form this workshop has participants playing large motor games that are appropriate for children.  The intention is that the adults then go back to the classroom and play/teach these games to the children in their classrooms.   In its extended form (RECESS FOR ADULTS!) it can include time for adults to play classic recess and playground games such as red rover, mother may I, hopscotch, jump rope, jacks and tag.  In either form, this workshop requires outdoor space (weather permitting) or enough space indoors for ALL of your participants to move around. Seriously. Imagine all of your participants running around and playing tag. The venue must have this kind of space for this session to be an option for either a traditional conference breakout format or a full-day-all-day-with-Lisa event.  Additionally if the RECESS FOR ADULTS option is your choice, the Booking Party is responsible for providing all materials (jump ropes, chalk, balls, hoops, etc.) that would be required for the games you’d like the participants to play. Thank you.

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