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Lesson Planning, Durant, OK

Lesson Planning Workshop


Presented by Stephanie Makke, Durant, OK, July 30, 2011


Parents ask, “What is my kid doing all day?” When teachers say, “PLAY!” Parents want to know, “When is he learning? And what are you teaching her?”


My comment:  These questions (and our answering of them instead of clarifying!) perpetuate the MYTH that playing and learning are two separate things.


She stated that a lesson plan is an outline of how you intend to cover certain topics in the room, which helps you concentrate on the concepts you want the children to learn.


Lesson plan assists us in meeting social, emotional, cognitive, physical, literacy skills


Don’t make planning harder than it needs to be (she cautioned that we can be too focused on details)


Modify activities as needed to accommodate your classroom


Make sure activities are age appropriate


Must be flexible


Implement new ideas, toys and activities to fit your themes and (from me) your projects, interest areas, explorations…


Repeat activities


Link books to activities (from me: as an example, after reading Little Blue and Little Yellow do yellow and blue fingerpainting for art).


Organization is key

Think about the reasons for the lesson plan

Allow adequate time (for the children to engage in the activities)

Develop your plan with care


Daily Schedule

Flexible yet designed with care

Schedule assists children in feeling secure

The schedule assists parents in seeing how the child spends their day

Each day should be directed by the child and not the clock.


Parts of the Schedule:

Arrivals and departures

Choice time

Group time

Outside time

Caregiving routines



Allow for primary daily routines



Caregiving routines


Balance UP and down HIGH and low


Monitor and adjust as necessary



Lesson Planning Themes:

(they called out some things)

she walked them through an exercise of how to plan using emergent curriculum and webbing but didn’t refer to it as such.


Be sure you are planning for (she gave her “bones”):

Circle time

Gross motor

Large motor






(she wrapped up here by giving all in the room a lesson planning book)


TOTALLY NOT A PART OF HER PRESENTATION AND ONLY PRESENTED FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: These are my “bones” meaning – the bare minimum of what we should be planning for:


Circle: books, songs, vote, game, who has any news

TT: wet &  dry, both in and out

Science/Math: manipulatives, looking box, puzzles etc.  (Small Motor)

Large Motor: movement games

Art: creation station, easel, teacher planned (but not required) project


TOTALLY NOT A PART OF HER PRESENTATION AND ONLY PRESENTED FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  These are the “bones” I assisted a school I was mentoring in creating as they started on the journey of being more emergent and child-centered:


CIRCLE TIME (language, literacy, music and songs)


SENSORY TUBS (dry and wet materials for exploration)


MATH/SCIENCE (sorting, counting, cooking, observing and predicting)


LARGE MOTOR OUTDOOR GAMES (socialization, physical development, cooperation, following directions)


FREE CHOICE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY (a “bigger” activity that might not be suitable to being done inside: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, parachute, etc.)


ART (self expression, exploration of various creative media, in addition to having an easel, two projects are planned for each day)




PS:  I tweeted during this session using #lessonplanning


PPS:  I wrote a lesson planning “note” awhile back (January 17, 2011).  It is posted here on FB, you can get to it by clicking here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=498733949062




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