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Rochester AEYC Spring Conference with Gaye Gronlund, 2011



What I learned from Gaye Gronlund

At her “Crafting Curriculum: Transforming Teacher Observations into Planning” session sponsored by RAEYC April 13, 2011, Rochester, NY


Gaye stated that regarding personal space – kids need a hula hoop of space to be in, so keep that in mind when sitting on the carpet at Circle.


Gaye reminded us that female “rough and tumble play” is verbal as in “you are not coming to my party” etc.


The myth of “no attention span”, but then she asked:  have you ever given kids a bucket of water?  How long is their attention span then?


We need to find each child’s bucket of water


She mentioned “The Research” about tattling.  (which we need to find) And said that tattling tells us the child’s level of self –control and self-regulation.   When children tattle they are telling us, “I know there are rules, but I cannot apply them to myself yet – I can apply them to HER though.”


She said she says to the tattling child, “You are learning the rules of our school!”

She said that a child who tattles is showing you their level of self-regulation.


Plan activities that are worthy of their attention.  (BUCKET OF WATER)

-Lillian Katz


She asked, How do we get to know the kids?   Watching them. Watching is not just SEEING.


Why do we observe?

  • To assess children’s learning and developmental progress
  • To reflect on how well your curriculum is working for individual children and for the whole group.
  • To ask, Are we meeting the child’s needs?


Her assessment and curriculum process:

  • Observe and document what you see
  • Ask, what can I do to help this child? What is working? What is not?
  • Formulate a plan
  • Implement the plan


She suggested putting a long piece of masking tape down the side of your pants and put a hatch mark for each DECSION you make through the day.  How many times a day do you decide to DO (or NOT do) something?


How many times a day do you second guess yourself?


How can we be Reflective vs. Reactive?


Lesson planning happens after lesson reflection!


Someone at dinner offered, “What gets measured is what gets done.”  Her anecdote: The higher-ups were “measuring” time response at the drive thru that morning when she got her coffee, the line in the store at the counter was out the door… but drive thru was being measured, so drive thru got done.  Hmmmm something to think about.

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