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Shopping On the Side of the Road

I know some of you still think I’m joking but I really do gather goodies from the side of the road! And I will say that Interstate 15 heading north from San Diego to Las Vegas is like a mall!! It is by far my (so-far) favorite freeway to do a little shopping on….

After presenting a workshop I receive many e-mails and calls from people who say they are no longer able to drive down the road or on the freeway without thinking (or hoping) they will see that one new treasured object that they didn’t realize they needed! Please remember to be safe while shopping along your local freeway or highway (if possible while speeding by a ladder, hose, tire or metal hubcap at 80 mile per hour and attempting to do a split second analysis as to how you will get back to get it!!) Even though you are so excited about what you just drove by, remember to be careful while being creative! And know that sometimes you might just have to let something pass you by…

Remember too that the goodies don’t just fall out on freeways…. I have collected some really neat things in my local town or in and around neighborhoods! I once found a Little Tykes playhouse on a Wednesday night (trash night) while driving home from a friend’s house. I rang the bell and asked why it was on the curb – she said that nothing was wrong, they just didn’t want it anymore (!!). I told her I was a teacher and asked if I could have it. I stuffed it in the back of my new beetle bug and drove home with my face pressed against the front glass window so I could make it fit in the trunk!

Some of the things I’ve seen
(and acquired) over the years:

Milk Crates
Construction Hats
PVC pipe and connectors (big and little)
5-Gallon Water Bottles
Painter Pails
Big Wire/Cable Spools

Things you’ll want to leave alone:

Bottles filled with mysterious colored liquid
Plastic bags that are full and bundled on the side of the road – as tempting as it might be to “take a quick peek”, it’s best to let these alone for the highway clean up crews….

Hints and Tips

1. I once found a big cable spool in the fast lane of Interstate 5…. It was my trickiest acquisition as of yet. Merging from the left shoulder back into the fast lane was kind of tricky – but very much worth it! Use your blinker and be patient… someone will let you in…. eventually

2. If, once you get out to check something out, you see that it’s gross, yucky, beyond repair or really damaged – leave it there! Utilizing items that are in decent shape is different than become a trash collector!!

3. Oh, and by all means – WASH what you find!

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