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Step By Step Advocacy, Wyoming ECA Conference, 2011


Wyoming Early Childhood Conference





Deanna Frey

Wyoming Early Childhood Association


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Considerations when acting as an #advocate:

what are you asking for?

do you have any data?

who is your audience?

how much time do you have?


Do you have an entry point?  BOB might be your entry!


I’d like a few minutes of your time.


Be on time!



Stories Enhance Presentations

Put a face to the data/stats

Promote sensitivity and awareness

Educate about the importance of your issue

Help us connect with policymakers


When making the presentation

Intro yourself

Share your data

Tell your story

Wrap it up

—have your “ask”

—be sure to thank them



5 W’s of #advocacy:

WHO are you?

WHAT is the issue?

WHY do you care?

WHY should someone else care?

WHAT do you want them to do about it? #WECA



WHO are you:

What is your name?

Do you live in their district?

Do you belong to any local or state orgs?

How many others belong to that org?

Are there other orgs like yours across the state?

Connect yourself to OTHERS!



WHAT is your issue?

Summarize your issue in 2-3 sentences

Develop an elevator speech explaining the issue  3-5 minutes

**fit on the back of your business card



WHY do you care?

Why does it matter to you?

Why doe sit matter enough for you to take time to visit?  Write? Call?

How will it change your life or lives of the people you know?



WHY should they care?

Why is it important for them to care?

What is happening in their community?

Know your opposition. Be prepared to answer questions.



WHAT do you want them to do?

Have a clear action step

Ask  for them to do something:

Can I count on you to__________ ?

Can I provide you more info as the issue continues to develop??


Don’t ask “can I call you?” Ask, “will you respond to my emails?”



Small Group Discussion:

Developmentally Disabled Group Home next door to a FCC home.

Discovers that 2 residents of the DDGH are registered sex offenders.




Meet with the DDGH owners/board

FCC supervision should be a non-issue

Are there regs that should have NOT allowed this to happen?  Meaning RSF not “allowed” to be within 1000 feet of a school.  “school” vs. ccc vs. fcc language

Let’s define “sex offender” >> how much of this are we allowed to know?


Zoning issues?

What are the rights of each group?

What are unintended consequences of moving ahead with legislation to face/deal with this issue.


Be an advocate for human rights, not only child rights!


Language/wording will be crucial!!!!!!

Don’t want to keep punishing, yet want to keep kids safe….






Let elected officials know who you are!  Be their ece expert!  They cannot be experts in everything!  Let them know who you are!









Children feel safe when they know what is happening next.

Then they develop trust…


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I would have of liked a definition of empower.


Then sat in on Scott’s million  $$ one

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