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Summer Session 2004

Our biggest attendance ever! We had over 150 folks in attendance and what a weekend we had!

Aside from grown women and men running through the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel in San Diego, CA with their CAPES ON, I would have to say the most exciting was the fact that we had a full on film and production crew video taping the entire weekend! From the thousand and thousands of minutes of footage we were able to create training DVDs of our workshops that we now have available for sale. ROCK ON JOEL!!

The highlight (in addition to the video taping!) was that we once again premiered a new workshop. And it wasn’t that we premiered new information that was so important, but I think WHAT we premiered. Summer Session 2004 saw the premiere of the (now affectionately called) WOLVES workshop. And in less than a year, the handout for this workshop has morphed into a book! And not only just a book, but two books actually – a book specific to the standards and guidelines for both California and Indiana. Specific WOLF books for Illinois, Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida and Oregon are all (dare I say??) “coming soon.” The WOLVES workshop is rapidly becoming one of the most requested sessions we have ever put together. I know that if we can continue to keep up this pace we will have a WOLF book for each state and by doing so will show folks that they do not need to put so much pressure on “getting them ready” because when they are doing it RIGHT they already are!

    Your Feedback

    A letter from Bob of Discovery Isle CDC:

    Wow! What a powerful weekend! I’m surprised the building didn’t burn down with all the fires being lit!

    Thank you Lisa and your wonderful support team that made this Summer Session 2004 a House full of memories! I’ve included 2 pictures of the camera crew (one is edited), 1 picture of Lisa and 1 of an attendee blowing a bubble in flubber. I have a few more that I will send but I didn’t want to send too large of a file!

    I’ll be writing more later, I’m still going over all the wonderful handouts and notes from the workshop (yep, one of your front row people).

    I also have a few questions that I would like to pose to you and get your input.

    Thanks again for the passion and fire you share with us so consistently!

    Please let me know if you are able to download the pictures.

    Hi! I’m Bob

    Bob Ryan-Discovery Isle CDC E-mail Discoverybob@dslextreme.com

    P.S. I still love the idea of Ooey Gooey® shirts and aprons…LOL


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