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Summer Session 2005

Look at us getting fancy! Two sessions this year and on two coasts!! July found us in Ontario, California and August was the first Summer Session in New York! Yahoo!

All the usual suspects were there! There were buttons and cheese and juicy red apples and groupies with t-shirts, chickens and much more! If you don’t know what all this means it’s because you were not there! You must join us sometime soon and get in on not only the fun, but the connections and sharing and networking and refueling as well! We had parents and teachers from all over California and Arizona!

The smelly t-shirts were hanging all throughout the hallways of the Hyatt! We appreciate that they let us eat in the atrium so we didn’t have to smell the ingredients from the alcohol tye-dye shirts! Phew! Once again we premiered some new material.

At the July Session in California it was called “Meet the Masters” but by the August Session in New York the title and handout had already been reformatted and the delivery style changed. The workshop has been restructured and BAM how exciting it is to have some material about the folks that paved the way. The new title is “Vygotsky and Montessori and Waldorf! Oh My!” the subtitle is “how what they did supports what you do!”

August found us in Rochester, New York at the Clarion Riverside Hotel for the first ever New York Summer Session! We say that someday we’ll look back and say, “Remember way back when there were only 20 of us!!!???” Our little group was nestled among some out of control wedding goers, baby beauty pageant attendees, a Baptist Church convention, a baby shower and a fashion show. There was candy on all the tables, cookies up the wazu and we had enough food to serve a small country! (I think I overdid it on the snacks!!)

We talked about rules and regulations and really got down and dirty talking about what if it WAS their only day. There were tears and shivers and sighs of sadness and loss. It was a deep and touching Sunday. But the mood was not down – no no! Don’t get me wrong – we just went to a deep place, a place where you often can’t go if there are 200 in the room, but can often “get to” with a smaller intimate crowd.

As the weekend wrapped up there were capes and T-shirts were brightly displayed! Eggs and brooms were doing “science” and at one point on a break a few folks ran through the hotel hallway with their goggles and capes! It was Ooey Gooey® fun at it’s finest! And not a bad first start if you ask me!



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