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Summer Session 2006

We did it again! Two sessions, on two coasts! Inko-dye shirts drying in on the bushes outside of the Embassy Suites in So. San Francisco and outside on a laundry line in front of the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery! We attempted the “Flat Stanley” project, premiered a new naptime workshop and added the Power Playing – Bang Bang! workshop back on the agenda too.  In California, Shally and Karla schlepped stuff up, down and all over the state so I would not have to have it confiscated on the plane! Joel and Tom kept me calm as we were told our room for the event was about 1/2 the size it needed to be. But Tom and Joan took care of business and – as always – everything turned out great! Bob helped with set up and vending and even my Auntie Muriel, who had treated us to a nice dinner the night before, came for the day!

In New York we got fancy and held the event at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. It was a beautiful location. Another small and intimate group but that never stops us! We had folks from Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Florida and New York! The surprise on Saturday was that musical artist Vincent (http://www.lighthouserecords.com/) joined us and ended our day with a spontaneous sing-a-long! Maybe he’ll come back next year! I thought the “Flat Stanley” project would be a blast, and I think we all had fun making our Flat Selves, but it later came to my attention that no one was getting them sent back after having adventures. maybe we need to tweak the project to make it work better. Was it confusing? I am not sure. I didn’t think it was. Oh well – if you were at Summer Session 2006 in either NY or CA drop me a line and let me know if you got your Flat Self back!!! I’d like to know if we need to bag it as a project, or if we simply need to explain it better. Thanks! So the bags are unpacked, everything is shipped back home; we got the paint out of the carpets, the ivory soap cleaned out of the mini-microwaves and made sure to explode the soda when no one was looking. This year.

See you in 2007.

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