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Summer Session 2007

Summer Session 2007 took place at the Playschool in Rochester, NY. And what can I say? It was another successful event. 75 folks, 8 states represented. Teachers, parents, families, newbies and groupies alike. Our new Playschool staff and teachers were there. Tom did kick-butt food catering and planning (as usual) and we had our amazing out-of-towner gooey staff fly in from California to assist – what would summer session be without Shally, Joel, Zoe and Bob???? P.S. – we missed you Karla!

I will share with you that every year I say I’M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! Yet, we always do. The stress and frustration and logistical headaches always seem to be overshadowed by the love, the energy and the excitement the weekend brings. I thank all of you for that. I joked though (to Tom – when no one was looking) that this year, really was going to be it. No More! Then, in pure Lisa style, I announced the dates for ’08 on the last day so I guess we are in for another year! We are already making plans. each year we say, “This will be the best one ever!” We hope you will consider joining us!

I think this year (2007) the stress was higher because we had just opened the school. And me, being me, wanted everything perfect but then I had to take some of my own advise and remember that nothing with childcare, kids or school is ever “finished” nor is it ever perfect. It was like having a party and opening our home to folks. We wanted to give a glimpse of what we are attempting to do in our little corner of the world. How we are the same yet different. How do you begin to articulate subtleties?

I saw people taking photos of the rooms, of the store room and of the shelves of paint and paper. I watched as woman cried due to the availability of flour, cornstarch and other consumables. I realized that I have forgotten what it is like to have to sign-out rolls of paper towels. I had not stopped to consider that the open, unlocked store room and its implied “take what you need” message might be overwhelming. Some folks shared that the school gave them hope. They shared they were encouraged by subtle, small things that I list under the “but that’s just what we do here” column. Words do not provide justice to the range of emotion experienced by us all. I was moved at the display of appreciation for what we are carving out here in Rochester. I felt honored and encouraged to continue taking our baby steps towards making what we do here the best it can possibly be.

See you in 2008.


Written: September 27, 2007

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