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Summer Session 2008

Summer Session 2008 took place at the Playschool in Rochester, NY and found us under a big top canvas tent in the parking lot! With about 100 participants we decided that instead of squeezing everyone into a classroom at the Playschool, we would rent a tent! So under the Big Top we were! 11 states represented this year: TX, NY, MN, PA, CA, IL, MA, WA, IN, NE and NH. We played the rock game, tye dyed shirts, made double brushes and even (of course!) ended the weekend’s festivities with the infamous soda bottle explosion.

In a moment of quiet we honored and paid tribute to Tom Hunter who has been greatly missed to many who were present since his death in June of 2008. To assist in Tom Hunter’s wish to “Keep it Going” please visit www.tomhunter.com.

We had many conversations, new make and takes and Ms. Laura (Lisa’s mom) facilitated a hand-puppet sock-buddy sewing project all weekend too. Vincent came and sang with us again and we started pre-selling my new book Ooey Gooey® Tooey : 140 exciting hands on activity ideas for young children.

Ms. Kimi was back assisting from AZ and Ms. Carla came again from CA. We missed Mr. Bob and Ms. Shally this year and hope to see them next time. Tom of course did the food and it was amazing as usual! Monday was observation day at the school and about 50 or so folks stayed through Monday to participate in that. And wouldn’t you know that as soon as we ushered the last few folks out the door and bid everyone safe travels, licensing showed up for an unannounced inspection! What a weekend it turned out to be!

During the weekend we did announce that we would be taking 2009 “off” in order to make time to prep and plan for the Summer Session event I see in my head. I told everyone that if they hate it, we’ll go back to the old way, but once, just once! I want to organize the Summer Session format that has been brewing in my head for a couple of years. So while we will miss everyone in 2009, get ready for a big extravaganza in the planning stages for Summer Session 2010! Hope we will be able to see you there!



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