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Thank You  Lisa”ooey gooey” lady for inspiring me to be the best teacher I can be….xoxoxo

Karen Benson-Neil, Winters Parent Nursery School, Winters, CA.


We sincerely thank you for sharing your ideas, experience and inspiration with our valued staff. The day was very enjoyable for everyone!   The comments from your keynote and workshop were overwhelmingly appreciative and positive.  Many people have said it was the best Staff Development Day ever and our center directors are already reporting seeing a new energy in teachers.  You need to know the difference you are making in the lives of children.

-The Palo Alto (CA) Community Child Care and Children’s Preschool Center Conference Coordinators


We have been having a wonderful time trying out different ooey gooey activities.  The first morning I introduced flubber to my childcare kids, they spent AN HOUR playing with it.(O.M.G!) I was amazed (and glad I had allocated enough time for it!) I am so grateful for all the recipes and finger play sheets. It has been an amazing few weeks.
Please keep doing the work you are doing. You are changing lives and I am so grateful for ALL that you gave to me – so much more than I can even explain.

– Lara B., Colorado, Family Child Care Provider


I just wanted to let you know that in one day you have single handedly restored my faith in teaching early childhood education. I want to be a better teacher for the children I’m with everyday because of your seminar. I found it so inspiring I can’t even put it into words.

– Ryan P.  Framingham, MA.

I think you are terrific. Your knowledge base and passion as an educator was truly inspiring.  I was also glad to have my educational philosophy validated by someone so profoundly grounded in child-centered learning. Thank you.

-Maria in Lexington, MA

I believe as Early Childhood Educators we sometimes need a reminder of just how important our jobs are, and also what a huge opportunity we have been given.. the opportunity to impacts the lives of precious children. You definitely reminded me of that yesterday! It was a Saturday well spent no question.. I’m excited to go back to “my kids” tomorrow with a renewed appreciation.. U were truly inspirational!!! I think its safe to say you’ve made an impact on childcare in our city! once again, thanks a bunch!!

-Carissa S. from Regina, SK, Canada

Lisa, you will never know how much you changed my life and the program I run last summer after seeing you speak in Auburn, AL.  I also took away all the academic junk and built my house of higher learning. I have had to fight for play for these children. But I use your tools to remind parents how important childhood is.  You are truly one of my new heroes of childcare!!! I read PLAY the first night of the Auburn conference and came home changed. I am thrilled with my new program!!! Please know you are a hero to children everywhere.

— Kay Gillock, NAFCC Accredited Provider

Thank you for doing what you do … you have been my long distance mentor. You have opened my eyes to a world that allows my two year olds to be two year olds! I would love to come and visit you and keep the fire lit in my heart for my children.

– Heather Lansing, ECA of Florida Conference Participant

After your workshop on Monday I felt so motivated and I felt like I’m not alone and I don’t care what the “laminated ladies” think! I love my kids and I’m gonna make a difference in their lives. You have changed my path of thinking and done something extremely monumental to my work and my outlook on the future.

– Ms. Donna, Staff Development In-service Participant

I feel the need to email you to say a big THANK YOU for awakening in me that fire in my belly that I had thought had sizzled out. Hearing you today made me feel and know that I’m doing things right

– Carol Pressey, School Aged Teacher, In-Service Participant

Thank you for everything. You gave me more in that one hour than you will ever know.

– Tammi Wyman, N.A.E.Y.C. Workshop Conference Participant

I sooooooooooooo enjoyed you one more time down in Los Angeles. Thank you for your commitment in helping us raise the standard in quality childcare across the state of California.

– Leatrice Knox, Family Childcare Provider and CAFCC Conference Participant

I think I may be becoming an Ooey Gooey® junkie! You made my day … ok week … ok maybe my year. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder of why I chose this profession.

– Jennie Voiles, BER Conference Participant

I have benefited a lot from your wisdom – before the day starts I say to myself ‘control the environment – not the children’, we rolled up the expensive rug and put it away. You have made our home a lot more fun.

– Susan Ryan, Parent Workshop Participant

Just to hear your voice, that’s sometimes all I need

– Tiffany Johnston, Preschool Teacher, P.A.C.E. Conference Workshop Participant

I had a great time at your workshop. You gave me the courage to be even freer with my children, and the wisdom to challenge myself to bring your ideas to other providers in my area. Thanks for all you did for me in those few hours that our paths crossed.

– Sally Woodard, New York State AEYC Conference Participant

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