For Your Binder

The Top 10 Benefits of Play! Play increases creativity, productivity, health, and wellness.

Play is a state of mind, but it is also a state of body, emotion, and spirit.  #play #teaching #learning #creativity

Seriously Considering Play

First off, regardless of your position on screen based tech please shelve it for this read as, seriously, the article is from 1996 and I am quite sure anyone currently involved in designing interactive media would laugh at how dated and old the language is ("the popular analogy of an office desktop to help a user understand the operation of a microcomputer")  

Also, I reread it a couple times before posting and I really think we can take the message, which might initially seem specific to gaming/interactive media, lift it up and take from it a reminder of the value and importance of play, discovery, intrinsic motivation & self-regulation.  #play #teaching #learning #technology #screens

In The News: It All Takes Time! Developing Essential Lifelong Skills Through Play

In 2021 Rhonda Johnson from Community Playthings published highlights from my Being Child Centered Book in their email newsletter, Community Playthings Connect. Needless to say, I was beyond surprised and very honored! #play #teaching #learning #inthenews

Preschool Is School, Sometimes

The uneven distribution of high-quality early education classrooms in the United States reflects several factors. The author lists four of them for you!  #teaching #learning #DAP

The Internet of Toys

Hmmmmm can we still trust those bears and dolls? #toys #play #technology

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Lisa uses Howard Gardner's existing framework as a platform to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones to make sure our classrooms are making room for everyone - not just the kids we like.  #handouts #teaching #learning #DAP #theorists

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool  

2? 4? 6? Grouping Children to Promote Social and Emotional Development

See you at the steps!  #DAP #teaching #learning 

The Case for Play: How a handful of researchers are trying to save childhood

When we shortchange children's playtime in favor of "academics" we might actually be inhibiting their development. #play #pushdown #teaching #DAP #learning

Early Social-Emotional Functioning and Public Health: The Relationship Between Kindergarten Social Competence and Future Wellness

A 20 year study reinforcing what we've know for years; that being able to get your shovel back is a pretty important skill.  #DAP #play #teaching #learning

In 20 years of award-winning picture books, non-white people made up just 12% of main characters

While the stats are specific to Australia, we can be informed by the data and make sure that regardless of where we live and work we are investigating the diversity (including ethnicity, gender and sexuality) of our book corner. #equity #books #stories #gender #reading #teaching #learning

Play-Based Learning Leads to School Readiness

Play and learning are deeply intertwined. Like yin and yang, play and learning are not only complementary, they are additive, the sum is always greater than their parts. #play #pushdown #DAP #learning 

On Becoming a Reflective Teacher

Your values will inform your practice.  Read this, then read it again.  #teaching #learning