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Creating Inclusive Playgrounds: A Playbook of Considerations and Strategies

Worth the cost of the ink to print out all 140 pages!  From page 11:

This playbook aims to give readers:

• insight into gaps and issues inherent in thinking about inclusive playground design and practice

• insight into how inclusive playgrounds and their surroundings are experienced together

• potential strategies that will contribute to project discussions, designs, budgets, and more

• a depth and breadth of ‘how to’ guidance for designing inclusive playgrounds

• ways to ensure that any inclusively designed playground and its surrounding environment are accessible and welcoming to children with disabilities and their families

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Large Motor Games to Play!

This session was being updated right before COVID - bummer - it will get redone for when we can all be back running around and playing games together, but for now, this is the handout for you!  Need to see some of the games in action? Consider getting Lisa's DVD of the same title!  #movement #outside #recess #DAP #play #handouts #teaching

Fizzle Bubble Pop and WOW! Simple Science for Young Children

Remember what Steve Spangler teaches us - they aren't doing science until they start asking questions! Here are some ideas to get you started.  Remember you need TIME just as much as you need vinegar!  Repeat repeat repeat!  DO IT AGAIN! #science #handouts  #play #DAP #teaching

Need more ideas? Lisa has 3 other activity focused books

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool  

On Fairy Stories

Here is the full text of the essay Tolkein presented (in an abbreviated form) in 1938 at St. Andrews, Scotland.  A couple of my favorite quotes: "If fairy story as a kind is worth reading at all it is worthy to be written for and ready by adults."  And, "It may be better for them (children) to read some things, especially fairy stories, that are beyond their measure rather than short of it. Their books like their clothes should allow for growth, and their books at any rate should encourage it." #books #stories #fairytales #reading 

Play Based Learning Has Many Benefits

This articled appeared in The Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) when I was up there doing a presentation. More fuel for your #play fire!! #DAP #teaching #learning 

The Shaving Cream Article

This was first in a bunch of articles written in 2006 affectionally referred to as The Taboo Topics. Revised in 2022, you might find this one to be valuable the next time the topic of using shaving cream comes up! #play #teaching 

The Case for Elementary School Recess

Even juries get recess!!!!!  #recess #movement #play #DAP #outside #teaching #learning

Invitations and Provocations: Coming to Terms with Terms

What is the relationship between an invitation and provocation?  Do we use the words interchangeably? Is there really a difference? Might invitations lead to provocations? In this article the author offers some food for thought as to how she uses these terms. #teaching #learning #environment

How Gender Disparities Affect Classroom Learning

If this is a new area of investigation for you, this is a good starting spot! #gender #teaching #learning #equity

Meet Peter Gray

Here is a link to all of the amazing articles that Peter Gray puts out in support of free play and in doing what is best for children. I have put direct links to a few of them here in the resources section, but this is a link to ALL of them!  Down down down the rabbit hole you go!!  #play #teaching #learning  

Consider the Walls

A classroom environment is a public statement about the educational values of the program AND the teacher.  What does your say? #environment #art #create #teaching #learning

Preschool Is School, Sometimes

The uneven distribution of high-quality early education classrooms in the United States reflects several factors. The author lists four of them for you!  #teaching #learning #DAP