For Your Binder

Please, "go outside and play"

Unfortunately, “going out to play” has gone the way of the dodo, the typewriter and the eight-track tape.  #outside #play #parenting #risk #resilience 

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Let Kids Play With Fire, and Other Rules for Good Parenting

A Q/A session with Gever Tulley, co-author of Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do  #risk #play #DAP #outside #parenting #teaching

Children's Outdoor Play & Learning Environments: Returning to Nature

Limiting playgrounds to manufactured equipment short-changes children of rich, playful, outdoor experiences!  #play #outside #nature #movement

Best Play: What play provision should do for children

This is a valuable collaborative resource created by The National Playing Fields Association, PLAYLINK, The Children's Play Council, Play Wales, Play Scotland, Sutcliffe Play & Playboard Northern Ireland.  At it's core is a shared belief that children need to play and as such, need environments that are suitable for them to do so.  #play #playwork #learning #teaching #outside

The Internet of Toys

Hmmmmm can we still trust those bears and dolls? #toys #play #technology

Playground or panopticon?

The history of the playground is a story of control.  Read more about it in this article and BONUS! There is an embedded link to their podcast episode (40 min) of the same title!  #play #panopticon #playgrounds #outside 

Dressing the Part

Are we disguising bad teaching with nice clothes??? #teaching

Using Mixed-Age Groups to Support Continuity of Care in Center-Based Programs

Mixed-age groupings create a frame for deepening relationships for staff with children and their families.  #mixedages #DAP #teaching #learning

Time for more storytelling

We need to change the language of the early childhood narrative; we have drained education of it's ability to invoke wonder and passion and have left behind lifeless clichés such as:  investment... outcomes... returns... assessment... quality... #DAP #teaching #learning #DAP

On Becoming a Reflective Teacher

Your values will inform your practice.  Read this, then read it again.  #teaching #learning

Seriously Considering Play

First off, regardless of your position on screen based tech please shelve it for this read as, seriously, the article is from 1996 and I am quite sure anyone currently involved in designing interactive media would laugh at how dated and old the language is ("the popular analogy of an office desktop to help a user understand the operation of a microcomputer")  

Also, I reread it a couple times before posting and I really think we can take the message, which might initially seem specific to gaming/interactive media, lift it up and take from it a reminder of the value and importance of play, discovery, intrinsic motivation & self-regulation.  #play #teaching #learning #technology #screens

The State of Early Childhood Three Things That Have Changed Since I Became an Early Childhood Consultant

Rae shares with us the three things she's been hearing all across the country in regard to children and their development. Sadly, they probably won't surprise you.  #play #DAP #movement