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The Power of Play: A Pediatric Role in Enhancing Development in Young Children

The updated statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics saying that play is crucial to a child's healthy development.  #play #teaching #learning #parenting #DAP

Fairy Tales and Psychological Life Patterns

You'll note there is no date or author credit in the article you will access via this link, however, a little bit of digging leads me to believe that the article you'll access is either based on, or is a translation (from French) of, Fairy Tales and Psychological Life Plans by Agnès Le Guernic, 2004. #fairytales #stories 



A Basic Introduction to Child Development Theories

I am including this document as it presents some names that are not typically included in a "basic intro to the theorists" resource; and I liked that. #DAP #teaching #learning #theorists 

16 Outcomes for Early Education

A challenge: Start talking about the 16 Capabilities rather than academic readiness as the desired outcome for ECE programs.  Can you imagine every child going to kindergarten having mastered these 16 things?!?! #DAP #play #learning #teaching #pushdown

Also, you are going to want to read more from the author, Tom Drummond and his fantastic work in ECE, so click here to access his full website!

Consider the Walls

A classroom environment is a public statement about the educational values of the program AND the teacher.  What does your say? #environment #art #create #teaching #learning

The Tennessee Pre-K Debate: Spinach Vs. Easter Grass

Another great article from when the preliminary Vanderbilt Study data was released (2015). The quote that caught everyone'e eye:  "It's like saying spinach is really good for you," Farran says, "but we can't afford spinach. But here, I've got this Easter grass. Maybe that will be just as good."  

Ouch. #DAP #play #learning #teaching #Vanderbilt #Tennessee

End Homework Now

Educators should stop squeezing time out of family life for the questionable benefits of homework. #homework #teaching #learning

The Impact of Rough and Tumble Play

This is a brief - yet rich - overview of a few benefits of rough & tumble play!  #play #powerplaying #DAP

Building gross motor skills and why it matters

A short article that includes 10 ideas for large and gross motor skill development in young children! #DAP #play #movement #outside #teaching #learning 

Why Educational Neuroscience Needs Educational and School Psychology to Effectively Translate Neuroscience to Educational Practice

School psychologists represent untapped potential in their knowledge, skillset, and placement to serve a vital role in building the bridge between neuroscience and education (and perhaps in eliminating the perpetuation of neuromyths too!) #teaching #learning

It’s in the Mix. An Exploratory Study of a Mixed Age Group Model in West Dublin

Play in a mixed age group is more creative than competitive.  #mixedages #play #learning #teaching #DAP

On Fairy Stories

Here is the full text of the essay Tolkein presented (in an abbreviated form) in 1938 at St. Andrews, Scotland.  A couple of my favorite quotes: "If fairy story as a kind is worth reading at all it is worthy to be written for and ready by adults."  And, "It may be better for them (children) to read some things, especially fairy stories, that are beyond their measure rather than short of it. Their books like their clothes should allow for growth, and their books at any rate should encourage it." #books #stories #fairytales #reading