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The Right to Play

Withholding recess for punishment is counterintuitive because the students who have trouble sitting still or being quiet are often the ones who would benefit the most from some free time to move around and regain their focus. #teaching #learning #recess #DAP #play #outside #movement #equity

Best Play: What play provision should do for children

This is a valuable collaborative resource created by The National Playing Fields Association, PLAYLINK, The Children's Play Council, Play Wales, Play Scotland, Sutcliffe Play & Playboard Northern Ireland.  At it's core is a shared belief that children need to play and as such, need environments that are suitable for them to do so.  #play #playwork #learning #teaching #outside

The school where kids can build dens

The author states that his guide on the visit said the den building was not an adult idea: it originated from children’s spontaneous activity. #dens #forts #play #outside #teaching 

No Dentist Left Behind

Here's the backstory: The author, John Taylor, is a retired superintendent of schools in Lancaster, S.C., he offered this history about the essay he wrote while leading that district:  

The parody was originally titled "Absolutely the Best Dentists."  It was written and sent to every newspaper and legislator in South Carolina a number of years ago in an attempt to point out the absurdities inherent in South Carolina's then new accountability act which was focused on absolute performance and threatened retention for every child who couldn't meet very challenging grade level standards. (Not to mention severe penalties for "poorly performing" schools, teachers and administrators.) Since then it has traveled widely to the point that I have not been able to keep up with the uses; but I know it has appeared in teacher association publications in at least three Canadian Provinces and in Australia, as well as dozens in the USA. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) seems to have given the story a new life.  Thus: No Dentist Left Behind.

#pushdown #DAP #play #teaching #learning

Nurturing Creativity: Preparing young children for the challenges ahead

Creative thinking is critical for progress and for survival. How is it fostered?  #art #creativity #play #teaching #resilience #DAP

Prekindergarteners Left Behind: Expulsion Rates in State Prekindergarten Systems

Boys were over four times as likely to be expelled as girls, and African-American preschoolers were about twice as likely to be expelled as preschoolers of European descent. Although a pattern of particular risk for expulsion with African-American students has been demonstrated during K-12, the pattern of disparity appears to begin much earlier.  #teaching #learning #equity #implicitbias #expulsion

Finding the balance: Early Childhood practitioners' views on risk, challenge and safety in outdoor play settings

Extreme safety concerns and risk minimization strategies are eroding children's opportunities to engage in developmentally appropriate risk taking. #DAP #teaching #risk #play #outside

Using Mixed-Age Groups to Support Continuity of Care in Center-Based Programs

Mixed-age groupings create a frame for deepening relationships for staff with children and their families.  #mixedages #DAP #teaching #learning

The Fragile Generation

Bad policy and paranoid parenting are making kids too safe to succeed. #risk #parenting #resilience #play

The influence of the number of toys in the environment on toddlers' play

It's only the abstract to the study, but the message is still clear: fewer toys leads to increased focus and more creative play. #play #toys #teaching #learning #environment

First Days of Preschool

The first days of preschool can be stressful for everyone. In this short but helpful article, Lillian Katz offers a few ideas that might assist both parents and teachers.  #environment #learning #teaching #relationships #care 

Your Image of the Child: Where Teaching Begins

The school we are talking about is not the school you are familiar with in the past, but it is something that you can hope for.  #teaching #learning #theorists