For Your Binder

Let 'em eat dirt

Busy busy busy kids don't get the opportunity to wander outside the parental orbit to explore! Will we pay a price? #play #outside #pushdown #dirt #nature

Rhoda Kellogg Child Art Collection Handbook

This handbook provides a nice overview and introduction to Rhoda Kellogg, children's art and the stages of scribbling. There is another resource available here on my site that allows you to search the catalog of over 7000 archived scribbles.  #art #creativity #DAP #scribbling

Back to the Playground

In 2007 The Alliance for Childhood shared excerpts from an article that appeared in the Boston Globe explaining the need for adventurous play - I scanned it here for you. #play #recess #adventureplaygrounds #recess #environment

What is a Schema?

This is a 9 page PDF that will give you an overview of schema play theory! Flying Start gives credit to Sally Featherstone at the end of the document and the book she edited entitled, Again! Again!  #schema #play #movement

Dramatic Play: Bring it on back

While I have moved beyond creating prop boxes, this article, while a little dated, provides a nice reminder as to the importance of dramatic play and, should the children instigate an exploration of some of the themes that are presented, might serve as a starting spot for some additional materials that might add to the exploration and play. #play #teaching #learning #DAP

Play Based Learning Has Many Benefits

This articled appeared in The Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) when I was up there doing a presentation. More fuel for your #play fire!! #DAP #teaching #learning 

Curiosity, Pleasure and Play: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective

Predictable, consistent, nurturing experiences are required to express the underlying potential of each child. #learning #teaching #DAP #relationships #care

Seriously Considering Play

First off, regardless of your position on screen based tech please shelve it for this read as, seriously, the article is from 1996 and I am quite sure anyone currently involved in designing interactive media would laugh at how dated and old the language is ("the popular analogy of an office desktop to help a user understand the operation of a microcomputer")  

Also, I reread it a couple times before posting and I really think we can take the message, which might initially seem specific to gaming/interactive media, lift it up and take from it a reminder of the value and importance of play, discovery, intrinsic motivation & self-regulation.  #play #teaching #learning #technology #screens

Prologue: Why We Should Care about Caring

Caring does NOT substitute or replace learning, caring establishes an effective culture for it to actually happen. #caring #teaching #learning #relationships

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Nursery University: a reaction piece

I watched the film Nursery University back in 2011. It highlights a few NYC families and their stressful attempts to frantically get their children into the “right” preschool/nursery school. Here is a link to the trailer.  My reaction comments are here as well.  #pushdown #parenting #play #teaching #learning

The real reason children fidget - and what we can do about it

This is a fantastic SPOT ON 7 minute Ted Talk video with Balanced and Barefoot author, Angela Hanscom, that concisely sums up WHY children need to move and HOW to go about making sure they do! But don't just watch it and agree with it, DO IT! #play #outside #movement #recess #risk #resilience #teaching #learning #nature

All school, no play? Kids' learning suffers without recess, experts say

Schools may be shooting themselves in the foot by taking away recess and playtime that is crucial to a child's growth. #play #recess #outside #movement #teaching #learning