For Your Binder

Are Schools Panoptic?

Exploring panopticon as a program of power as opposed to an architectural system.  #learning #environment #panopticon

A Good Beginning

Imagine that!  Social and emotional competence is JUST AS important as the ABCs and 123s!  #play #DAP #teaching #learning


Let the Playing Commence! A Tribute to Bev Bos

The author shares 14 key "Bev" phrases that will forever be burned in her brain!  #play #teaching #learning 

The Benefits of the Mix

Children aren't born in litters, but we insist they be cared for in them!  #DAP #mixedages #play #teaching #learning

Does Your Child's Preschool Shun the the Latest Research in Early Learning?

Many preschools in the United States are actually doing the polar opposite of what the research recommends. Couple this article (from 2018) with the recent findings from the Vanderbilt Study and there is simply no reason for play to be pushed aside any longer!   #play #DAP #teaching #learning

The real reason children fidget - and what we can do about it

This is a fantastic SPOT ON 7 minute Ted Talk video with Balanced and Barefoot author, Angela Hanscom, that concisely sums up WHY children need to move and HOW to go about making sure they do! But don't just watch it and agree with it, DO IT! #play #outside #movement #recess #risk #resilience #teaching #learning #nature

Can the Right Kinds of Play Teach Self-Control?

This article initially caught my eye because it contains one of my favorite words, but used it in a sentence with a phrase that gave me pause; self control? I used up two pens and a few highlighters keeping track of my reactions and comments to this one. Spoiler alert: verbiage verbiage verbiage! definitions definitions definitions!  It's rather dated, so take some of it with a few extra grains of salt. Also, is Eleanor Duckworth on your radar???   #play #DAP #teaching #learning

Behind the findings of the Tennessee pre-K study that found negative effects for graduates

After I read this one I wrote on the top of the page, first do no harm. We KNOW that #play is what needs to be happening.  Why do we (not present company "we" but I think you know what I mean!) insist on trying to get different results????  We (the same "we") must stop dismissing data because we don't like the results!  #DAP #teaching #learning

Creative Art With Young Children

It's the process NOT the product! Stop with the craptivities already!!! #handouts #art #creativity #teaching

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool