For Your Binder

The Benefits of the Mix

Children aren't born in litters, but we insist they be cared for in them!  #DAP #mixedages #play #teaching #learning

Mixed-Age Classrooms Provide Optimal Learning Environment

The nursery (pre)school should be an extension of the family outward rather than of the elementary school downward. #mixedages #DAP #learning #teaching

Analyzing Children's Art

This link provides two excerpts from Rhoda Kellogg's book, Analyzing Children's Art as well as six related resources, also by Kellogg. #art #creativity #scribbling

Getting Pre-K Right: The Iceberg Model for Early Developmental Competencies

This article was written by the lead researcher in what is simply referred to now as "The #Vanderbilt Study" - in it she reminds us that greater focus on academics for three and four year olds is not the solution. Her metaphor of an iceberg is a powerful visual; the tip of the iceberg are things we can see (read: measure) like ABCs and 123s, but what is below the surface?  What has actually made these other things visible? Curiosity, persistence, self-control... and when are those skills developed? When children #play !!!!!  #Tennessee #DAP #teaching #learning #environment #pushdown

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids: How psychology is being used as a weapon against children

I think the title says it all! 

Please note:  You can get two free articles a month on this site so assuming you have not yet been here, you should have full access to this article. #teaching #learning #technology #screens