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Play Based Learning

A resource from a college in Canada, this document provides a nice overview of play based learning, how to talk about it and facilitate it.  #play #teaching #learning

Patience or Understanding?

Patience is rarely necessary when one is understanding. #teaching #learning #care #relationships

Can the Right Kinds of Play Teach Self-Control?

This article initially caught my eye because it contains one of my favorite words, but used it in a sentence with a phrase that gave me pause; self control? I used up two pens and a few highlighters keeping track of my reactions and comments to this one. Spoiler alert: verbiage verbiage verbiage! definitions definitions definitions!  It's rather dated, so take some of it with a few extra grains of salt. Also, is Eleanor Duckworth on your radar???   #play #DAP #teaching #learning

An experimental study of the effects of autonomy support on preschoolers' self-regulation

Autonomy is defined as a form of voluntary action (read: choice), stemming from a person’s interest and with no external pressure. When teachers support autonomy, students improve their academic performance, are more creative, better adjusted & feel less stress. But what about at home? Does parental support of autonomy influence the development of executive function and self-regulation skills?  #DAP #parenting #learning #teaching

Getting Pre-K Right: The Iceberg Model for Early Developmental Competencies

This article was written by the lead researcher in what is simply referred to now as "The #Vanderbilt Study" - in it she reminds us that greater focus on academics for three and four year olds is not the solution. Her metaphor of an iceberg is a powerful visual; the tip of the iceberg are things we can see (read: measure) like ABCs and 123s, but what is below the surface?  What has actually made these other things visible? Curiosity, persistence, self-control... and when are those skills developed? When children #play !!!!!  #Tennessee #DAP #teaching #learning #environment #pushdown