For Your Binder

Fizzle Bubble Pop and WOW! Simple Science for Young Children

Remember what Steve Spangler teaches us - they aren't doing science until they start asking questions! Here are some ideas to get you started.  Remember you need TIME just as much as you need vinegar!  Repeat repeat repeat!  DO IT AGAIN! #science #handouts  #play #DAP #teaching

Need more ideas? Lisa has 3 other activity focused books

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool  

Sorry, There’s No Easy Toolkit for Social-Emotional Learning. But It’s Worth the Work

What are we waiting for?  Sometimes I think we lost our faith in play. #DAP #learning #teaching

Play Types (poster)

Here is a link from the Play Scotland website to a graphic of all of the play types as identified by Bob Hughes! #play #playwork 

A Path Made in the Walking

How might forest schools differ from location to location? This report looks at forest schools in Norway and England. #play #nature #outside #forestschools #teaching #learning 

Cut Out the Pre-Cuts: The trouble with themes in early childhood education

It's time to draw the line in the sand!  #DAP #play #themes #art #creativity #learning #teaching 

Giant in the nursery - Jean Piaget

From the New York Times archives! A deep look at Jean Piaget!  #learning #teaching #theorists #parenting

Decentering Whiteness, Part I

A speech given in 1998. #equity #teaching #learning

Handprint Turkeys, STEP ASIDE! Embracing process art in early childhood programs

Originally entitled, BEYOND PINTEREST! Amen! #art #creativity #teaching #play #learning

The Right to Play

Withholding recess for punishment is counterintuitive because the students who have trouble sitting still or being quiet are often the ones who would benefit the most from some free time to move around and regain their focus. #teaching #learning #recess #DAP #play #outside #movement #equity

The Human Nature of Teaching Part I: Ways of Teaching That We Share With Other Animals. What can we learn from animals by watching them teach?

Part I in a series by Peter Gray.   He says his goal for the series is to examine teaching from the ground up. He starts here by defining teaching and presents evidence that teaching occurs in at least some non-human animals. An examination of teaching in other species may lead to insights that will be useful for understanding teaching in our species. #teaching #learning #DAP #play

In The News: A book review of Being Child Centered

While the journal ceased publication in 2020, they continue to provide their articles as an archived resource and in the summer of 2020 Louise Parks, then editor of the Texas Child Care Quarterly, shared a review of my book Lisa Murphy on...  Being Child Centered with my editor at Redleaf Press, as well as some humbling words for which I will be forever grateful:

I’m delighted that we were able to include a review of On being Child Centered by Lisa Murphy. I’ll confess to laughing out loud (and shedding not a few tears) as I read Ms. Murphy’s wise and witty words, and longing for my days back in the classroom with eager, curious, and energetic three-year-olds. In a spectacular amalgam of Lilian Katz and Vivian Paley (my ECE heroes) Murphy calls educators to task (Katz) with anecdotes and examples (Paley) that are accessible, meaningful, and empowering of both adults and the children in their care. Can you tell this is one of my all-time favorites?!

#play #teaching #learning #inthenews 

Crisis in the Kindergarten

In spite of the fact that the vital importance of play in young children’s development has been shown in study after study, many people (still) (unfortunately) believe that play is a waste of time in school. #play #DAP #pushdown #teaching #learning