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Children's Places of Secrecy and Play: A Playworker's Guide to Dens and Forts

What are your childhood memories of dens and forts? Did you build them? Play in them? I was THRILLED when I found this resource online, especially when I saw that you can download the entire document, pictures and all!!! #playwork #dens #forts #adventureplaygrounds #playgrounds #outside #play 

The Benefits of Mixed-Age Grouping

A nice overview of Lilian Katz' book, The Case for Mixed-Age Grouping in Early Education, 1990, if you have not yet read it! #DAP #learning #teaching #mixedages

Meet Peter Gray

Here is a link to all of the amazing articles that Peter Gray puts out in support of free play and in doing what is best for children. I have put direct links to a few of them here in the resources section, but this is a link to ALL of them!  Down down down the rabbit hole you go!!  #play #teaching #learning  

Neuromythologies: Separating science from speculation

Although neuromyths might have some truth to them, careful reading of the original research often demonstrates that the findings have been misinterpreted, simplified or are based exclusively on animal studies with limited implications for humans.  This link will hop you to a chapter from Understanding the Brain: Towards a New Learning Science (2002) which specifically address 3 of the (now identified 6) myths.  #teaching #learning

Mixed-Age Preschools?

In this blog post Jarrod answers a question about mixed age groupings. #DAP #learning #teaching #mixedages

In 20 years of award-winning picture books, non-white people made up just 12% of main characters

While the stats are specific to Australia, we can be informed by the data and make sure that regardless of where we live and work we are investigating the diversity (including ethnicity, gender and sexuality) of our book corner. #equity #books #stories #gender #reading #teaching #learning

Hugs, Not Drugs

This is a bit lengthy and quite dated.  Of Note: there is no publication date provided, but it references stats from the 1990s so while I wouldn't advise quoting the numbers, the general overarching premise is timely: the wildest colts make the best horses.  Are we medicating to truly assist? Or to increase compliance within a broken system?  #teaching #learning #DAP #movement

5 Benefits of Mixed-Age Classrooms in Preschool

A good overview of the benefits of The Mix, but the reason it's here is for the modified image of Vygotsky's ZPD, which I really liked! #teaching #learning #theorists #mixedages #DAP  

Playgrounds, kids and making trouble

May your playground be filled with little troublemaking revolutionaries! #playgrounds #play #parenting #outside #panopticon

A Look Back: Caring about Caring

The Phi Delta Kappan takes a look back and considers the importance of caring about caring; including an article previously shared here.  #relationships #caring #learning #teaching 

Curiosity: The Fuel of Development

Read the article, then print out the table!  Keep it handy and share it too! It's a fantastic visual resource and reminder of the power of exploration and play! #play #DAP #teaching #learning #relationships #care

The school where kids can build dens

The author states that his guide on the visit said the den building was not an adult idea: it originated from children’s spontaneous activity. #dens #forts #play #outside #teaching