For Your Binder

Do Early Educators’ Implicit Biases Regarding Sex and Race Relate to Behavior Expectations and Recommendations of Preschool Expulsions and Suspensions?

This study attempts to explain the underlying processes that contribute to the well-documented racial disparities in school readiness, educational achievement and in later life opportunity. #teaching #learning #equity #implicitbias #expulsion

Dressing the Part

Are we disguising bad teaching with nice clothes??? #teaching

The school where kids can build dens

The author states that his guide on the visit said the den building was not an adult idea: it originated from children’s spontaneous activity. #dens #forts #play #outside #teaching 

A Brief History of Blocks

This used to be part of the supplementary handouts for the Meet the Masters workshop which is being edited to present a more accurate (and diverse) time line of ECE influencers. The info is now embedded in the block play workshop.  Regardless, it is a good stand alone resource if you'd like a quick crash course in the history of the blocks you probably have in your program! #blocks #theorists #play #handouts #teaching

Disrupting assumptions of risky play in the context of structural marginalization: A community engagement project in a Canadian inner-city neighbourhood

This link will bring you to a very generous "snippets of the paper" page, it includes more than just the abstract though and some of you might have institutional access to the full study.   There has been little exploration into risky play in the context of urban neighborhoods so this study does just that. Not surprisingly, the study finds that there are enormous inequities in the distribution of wealth within cities which directly and indirectly impact outdoor play and hoe play spaces are maintained.  #play #outside #risk #environment #equity

Play Types (poster)

Here is a link from the Play Scotland website to a graphic of all of the play types as identified by Bob Hughes! #play #playwork 

2023 PARS Playwork Conference Notes

These are the notes Lisa took while participating the Twelve Hour - yes you read that right! 12 hours! October 2023 PARS Playwork Conference streaming LIVE from the UK. Learn more about PARS training, resources and conferences here! #playwork #conferencenotes #play

Neuromythologies: Separating science from speculation

Although neuromyths might have some truth to them, careful reading of the original research often demonstrates that the findings have been misinterpreted, simplified or are based exclusively on animal studies with limited implications for humans.  This link will hop you to a chapter from Understanding the Brain: Towards a New Learning Science (2002) which specifically address 3 of the (now identified 6) myths.  #teaching #learning

We Are Gunslinging Girls: Gender and Place in Playground Clapping Games

I think it's fair to say that singing and hand clapping games play a relevant role in a child's life both culturally and developmentally.  In this paper, the authors defend the idea that clapping games play a big part of girlhood in Catalonia (Spain).  #recess #play #songs #DAP #playground

A Good Beginning

Imagine that!  Social and emotional competence is JUST AS important as the ABCs and 123s!  #play #DAP #teaching #learning


Day care or preschool? It's not just semantics

An unfortunate side effect of the growing recognition of the early years as learning years is that some people get hyperactive about it.  #parenting #learning #teaching #DAP #care #relationships

A Research-Based Case for Recess: Position Paper

The purpose of the paper is to explore the current state of recess, identify best recess practices and disseminate effective ways to advocate for recess. #recess #play #outside #movement #teaching