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Whether you are looking to teach yourself or others, this is a valuable resource you will want to have at the ready! #equity #gender #teaching #learning

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Lisa uses Howard Gardner's existing framework as a platform to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones to make sure our classrooms are making room for everyone - not just the kids we like.  #handouts #teaching #learning #DAP #theorists

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool  

J.R.R. Tolkien on Fairy Tales, Language, the Psychology of Fantasy, and Why There’s No Such Thing as Writing “For Children”

Authors write. Who the work is deemed "for" is on us. #fairytales #books #stories #reading

It’s in the Mix. An Exploratory Study of a Mixed Age Group Model in West Dublin

Play in a mixed age group is more creative than competitive.  #mixedages #play #learning #teaching #DAP

The Arts and Staying Cool

The art of making a space for the playfulness and messiness of teaching requires courage and letting go! #learning #teaching #creativity #art

Toy Advertising

I found this wikipedia post interesting as I was reading up on the speakers and topics to be presented at the 2018 International Toy Research Association (ITRA) conference, 2018, Paris.  #play #toys

Lisa Murphy On... Being Child Centered

Contrary to what your poopy face co-worker might believe, being child centered does NOT mean kids are running around naked with paint flying through the air!  This is the handout that goes with the workshop that goes with the book of the same title! #handouts #play #DAP #teaching 

Missed the workshop? Want to watch it again? Got a DVD player? Lisa has DVDs of all her workshops! #oldschool  

Making the Most of the Mix!

Many of you know that Lisa is a vigilante mixed age grouper!  Whatever ages can legally be together in one room (it varies from place to place) is what she is going to do! This is a list of the resources Lisa tapped into as she wrote the Mixed Ages paper that she presents during the workshop of the same title.  You will find most of these individual articles here in the resources section of the website if you want to explore the topic further! #handouts #mixedages #teaching #DAP 

The Fragile Generation

Bad policy and paranoid parenting are making kids too safe to succeed. #risk #parenting #resilience #play

The Evolution of Folk and Fairy Tales in Europe and North America

Literary fairy tales (meaning: written down, as opposed to a spoken story that was shared via oral traditions) were not at first called fairy tales and it was not until the 1690s, in France (of course) that the fairy tale established itself as a "legitimate" genre. #fairytales #stories #reading #books

Large Motor Games to Play!

This session was being updated right before COVID - bummer - it will get redone for when we can all be back running around and playing games together, but for now, this is the handout for you!  Need to see some of the games in action? Consider getting Lisa's DVD of the same title!  #movement #outside #recess #DAP #play #handouts #teaching

Best Play: What play provision should do for children

This is a valuable collaborative resource created by The National Playing Fields Association, PLAYLINK, The Children's Play Council, Play Wales, Play Scotland, Sutcliffe Play & Playboard Northern Ireland.  At it's core is a shared belief that children need to play and as such, need environments that are suitable for them to do so.  #play #playwork #learning #teaching #outside