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Giant in the nursery - Jean Piaget

From the New York Times archives! A deep look at Jean Piaget!  #learning #teaching #theorists #parenting

Conference notes from Chris Martin, PhD

These are the notes Lisa took from a lecture sponsored by IPA WORLD. Chris Martin shared highlights from his dissertation topic:  Everyday assemblages, affect and agency: children's intra-actions with smart phones in outdoor play. #playwork #conferencenotes #play #tech #technology #environment #outside

What is Play? In Search of a Universal Definition

The ambiguous, variable, and paradoxical nature of the play concept is so widely accepted, that most play theorists consider the search for a universal definition to be pure folly. #play #theorists 

Note: while no date is provided in the article, I originally read it in 2015 if that provides any context.

The Power of Play: A Pediatric Role in Enhancing Development in Young Children

The updated statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics saying that play is crucial to a child's healthy development.  #play #teaching #learning #parenting #DAP

Implicit bias: The problem and how to interrupt it. Plus, the beads test

It's not just what is said, it is what is unsaid. Maybe conduct the bead test at your next staff meeting?!?  #implicitbias #teaching 

Meet Peter Gray

Here is a link to all of the amazing articles that Peter Gray puts out in support of free play and in doing what is best for children. I have put direct links to a few of them here in the resources section, but this is a link to ALL of them!  Down down down the rabbit hole you go!!  #play #teaching #learning  

The Case for Play: How a handful of researchers are trying to save childhood

When we shortchange children's playtime in favor of "academics" we might actually be inhibiting their development. #play #pushdown #teaching #DAP #learning

A state-funded pre-K program led to ‘significantly negative effects’ for kids in Tennessee

Here is another article that emerged in response to the final results of the #Vanderbilt study which came out in early 2022. From the article: "By 6th grade, children in the #Tennessee state funded Pre-K program did worse than their peers (who didn't attend) in measures of academic achievement and behavior. In some pre-K programs, something is not better than nothing."   #play #DAP #teaching #learning #pushdown

Mirrors and Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Books are sometimes windows to new worlds; real, imagined or strange. Sometimes books are sliding glass doors we walk through so we can join that world in our imagination. Books can also be mirrors; reflections of our own lives and experiences. This classic article reminds readers of the importance of offering books that provide all three.  All of our children suffer when stories only mirror the dominant social group. This article might perhaps a much needed conversation about the contents of your book center! When I first read it I ended up launching myself down a very interesting rabbit hole and spent a fine afternoon reading articles that, albeit very dated, are probably still timely regarding the all white world of children's books. #reading #books #stories #teaching #learning #equity #inclusion #diversity #DAP #language #literacy

Mixed-Age Preschool: Benefits and Challenges

Mixed-age classrooms might also have the benefit of muddying age-based comparisons and competition between children.  #mixedages #teaching #learning #parenting #DAP

Comparing Injury Rates on a Fixed Equipment Playground and an Adventure Playground

Data was collected over a five year span.  Anyone wanna take any guesses? Yup! You guessed it! The adventure playground was statistically safer.  #adventureplaygrounds #playgrounds #play #risk #movement #recess #playwork #outside 

Please, "go outside and play"

Unfortunately, “going out to play” has gone the way of the dodo, the typewriter and the eight-track tape.  #outside #play #parenting #risk #resilience 

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